Build a Business That Works for You Using “Company of One” Concepts

Part 5: The Power of Trust

In this fifth article based on insight gleaned from the book Company of One: Why Staying Small Is the Next Big Thing by Paul Jarvis, we talk about trust. 

As a contractor, your success depends on how much people trust you. Trust is about demonstrating competence, instilling confidence, and showing you care.

Often, trust must be formed before people will buy. This is why generalized ad mailings have low return rates while personalized messages do so well. Fortunately, building trust through word of mouth is cheaper than marketing campaigns. However, it does require a commitment to deliver quality workmanship and a superior customer experience.

That entails meeting customers’ unique needs and exceeding their expectations by delivering simple, customized solutions that accomplish their goals. A homeowner needing a deck wants a builder who can achieve their vision efficiently and effectively. The customer isn’t looking for a contractor based on whether they drive a high-end work truck or have a full-time admin assistant. The homeowner cares about whether the contractor can construct a quality product that provides lasting value. 

Tips for Developing and Leveraging the Trust Factor

  • Be agile. Stay open to trying new approaches and processes and be willing to end methods of operation that aren’t working.
  • Aspire to excellence in every aspect of every project.
  • Ask your satisfied customers for reviews. Surveys indicate that most customers would willingly review the completed project, but only a fraction of small businesses ask them to.


Next in our series: Building long-term relationships.

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