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What It's Like to Work With
Homestead Outdoor Products

We're grateful to all our customers—contractors to retail—for years of great relationships. For folks considering if we might be a good fit, this is what our customers have to say about working together.

Curtis • Rocky Ridge Home Improvements

Give them a shot, we’ve definitely been satisfied with what we have.

They do very good, and I like dealing with the staff down there. Their prices are reasonable, they have lots of stuff on hand, and if I need it the next day they usually have it and I can get my hands on it right away. They’re really good at getting us samples. It’s really easy and it helps me show the customer a little more of what they’re getting.

Jeff • Bachman's Roofing

I'm very happy with you guys. We could buy products directly from the manufacturer, which is closer to where the office is, but you service us so well we wouldn't even entertain it.

I had never put up a pergola before, and the customer had specific sizing restraints. I went back and forth with Ken to figure out what worked best for the customer. On top of that they sent me a lot of cut sheets and things to help me understand how it went together. The project turned out very good.

Al • Al’s Home Improvements

Their customer service is second to none—I would definitely recommend them.

They explained how it all works, how the products work, and all the information we needed to be able to do the job definitively. After a rare mistake, they still got the right products out there.

David • Hilltop Decks

I would highly recommend them.

I like their products, they’re prompt, nice to work with, and I’ve always liked them. With pretty much any project that comes up, if something's different I always call and they always know what to do.

Jake • Stoney Ridge

It's a pleasure doing business with Homestead.

I don’t have to wait long on pricing, and when I put in an order they do their best to accommodate my shipping date. From the office to the shop guys we rarely have any mistakes (and everyone makes mistakes). The customer service at other places is just not the same.

Matt • Zook Home Builders

They have really great customer service and good products.

We did a really complicated job this past winter with a couple different products—stainless steel cable rail and Otter-Tech waterproof deck ceiling. Homestead was just a tremendous help figuring out what parts we needed and how to get the job done.

Dan • Blue Lake Builders

I’m always checking prices, and they are always competitive or cheaper.

I just did a screened-in patio. It was kind of challenging to figure it all out but with their help it worked out fine! The biggest thing is they have stuff in stock that we use, they’re good friendly people, and their prices are competitive.

Juan • Archadeck

They’ll go out of their way for you.

Every time I call if something has to be done—they go out their way to get it done. Like right now with a custom-made gate, they offered to build it themselves since the supplier won't. They are always willing to accommodate requests and hustle for me. A cooperative and pleasant and responsive organization.

Melvin • Decks R Us

The customer service is the biggest reason I would recommend Homestead.

Numerous times if products weren’t what they were supposed to be they dropped everything to take care of it.

Chris • Flach Contracting

And they have great prices!

They’re very very knowledgeable—I’ve kind of seen most of what comes down the pike and sometimes Ken knows what I’m thinking on a project even before I know what I’m thinking.