Build a Business That Works for You Using “Company of One” Concepts

Part 3: Mindset and Personality

Welcome to our third article inspired by Paul Jarvis’s book Company of One: Why Staying Small Is the Next Big Thing for Business. In the first two articles we covered:

Now, let’s talk about mindset and personality!

Mindset Matters

Jarvis advocates a mindset of purpose, but he cautions not to confuse purpose with passion. Purpose considers what you can offer the world, whereas passion often is about leveraging a skill to see what it can get you.

Purpose is based on values: It’s why you do what you do—and it should serve as the compass for your company. Successful business owners not only consider what they’re good at but also make sure demand exists for what they do. They let their purpose guide their decisions. Moreover, they recognize that multi-tasking and busyness are roadblocks to critical thinking. (Studies indicate that a person’s ability to focus drops dramatically after working 55 hours per week!)

Tip: Write down your purpose. Don’t worry about how it sounds, just make sure it reflects your values.

Personality Prevails

Small companies have an edge over large brands—they have more opportunities to bring a personal touch to everything they do. Personality can be a major differentiator, and successful small business leaders use it to their advantage. It is possible to be professional without being impersonal!

Let your uniqueness shine through. Authenticity creates trust and respect.

Next up in our series: Keeping customers happy.

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