Four Tips for Successful Cable Railing Installation

Photo courtesy of Key-Link™ Fencing & Railing

Cable railing—with its sleek profile—has become a popular choice among homeowners wanting durability and a minimalistic aesthetic.

According to Mike Stoltzfus, outside sales representative at Homestead Outdoor Products, “Installing it can be challenging, though, because every manufacturer has their own unique cable railing system.”

Inexperience and lack of unfamiliarity with a brand can ultimately lead to costly installation errors. However, Mike says a willingness to learn and attention to detail will help ensure successful results.

Recommendations for Flawless Installation

1. Educate yourself on the cable railing system.

Before ordering the product, familiarize yourself with it by reviewing the manufacturer’s sales and technical resources. For example, Key-Link™ has a video and installation guide on its website to allow contractors to learn about the installation process.

2. Pay attention.   

Follow the manufacturer’s installation guide step by step so you don’t miss any part of the process. Doing things right from the start will spare
you from spending extra time and money to fix mistakes.

3. Check fittings on every post.    

Every post (corner and end) will have fittings, which may loosen during shipping and handling. Before you begin the installation, check each post and hand-tighten fittings if necessary.

4. Ask for guidance.    

When you order from Homestead Outdoor Products, Mike is here to offer guidance to contractors who are new to installing cable railing. He’ll meet with you on the job site to answer questions and help you get started with confidence.

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