Three Things Lumber and Building Materials Dealers Want Contractors to Know

1. We like feedback.
We want to know how we can improve your experience. For example, if we can package things differently to make your life easier, let us know. Your feedback helps us understand things from your perspective. The more we know, the better we can be of service. 

2. Eleventh-hour orders carry a greater sense of urgency when they aren’t the norm. 
We happily pull out all the stops to help our customers get materials quickly in emergency situations. However, when a customer’s every order requires an immediate turnaround, those non-stop emergency requests take away the time and attention we can give to other clients. We ask that you plan ahead whenever possible.

3. Long-term relationships = a win-win.
As trust and familiarity develop between dealers and builders, efficiency and accuracy also increase. For example, if we know Bob from ABC Home Improvements usually orders deck clips with his deck jobs, we know to call him to question an order that doesn’t include them. Long-term working relationships allow dealers to know a builder’s habits and preferred business practices—and vice versa. 

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