The Benefits of Post-job Follow-ups

Do you think of following up with customers as a path to “opening a can of worms”? We challenge you to see it differently!

Why Follow Up? 

1. Following up allows you to learn what customers like most about your work—that’s valuable information you can use to set yourself apart from other contractors. 

2. What if something didn’t go 100 percent perfectly on a job? A follow-up will allow you to learn about it firsthand rather than through the rumor mill. And it provides insight into what improvements you can make to prevent issues on future projects.

3. Following up creates rapport with customers, which can lead to repeat business and referrals. 

Ready, Set . . .

Reach out to your customers via the communications method (phone, email, text, etc.) they prefer. Following up builds a stronger business by laying a firm foundation for quality assurance and ongoing customer satisfaction. 

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