5 Springtime Composite Decking Care Tips to Share With Your Customers

One sure-fire way to gain new referrals is to give your existing customers knowledge to help them keep their decks looking great.

Here are some springtime deck maintenance tips to pass along to your customers: 

  1. Sweep or use a blower to remove leaves and other loose debris from the deck surface.
  2. Remove mold, mildew, dirt, and grime that accumulated over winter. Follow the decking manufacturer’s instructions on what cleaners and tools are safe to use.
  3. Work in very small sections, especially when cleaning a deck in direct sunlight, to ensure that the cleaner (and dirt) doesn’t dry on the deck before it’s rinsed from the surface.
  4. Check the deck’s support components for signs of damage. Pay particular attention to the ledger board, posts, joists, stairs, and railings to confirm they haven’t split or otherwise aren’t in sound condition. Also, check flashing and fasteners that may have rusted or become loose.
  5. Rotate chairs, tables, pots, and other fixtures if they’ve been in the same spot for a while. If left in the same position for too long, they can cause decking to discolor or show signs of wear.

Remind customers that cleaning and maintaining decks properly will ensure they last and look exceptional longer! For more composite deck-care recommendations, contact us or visit fiberondecking.com and wolfhomeproducts.com.