Homestead Outdoor Products 2020 Open House Takeaways

Thank you to everyone who attended our Open House on Wednesday, January 29! We enjoyed seeing you, and we appreciate your participation.

In case you weren’t able to join us, here are some helpful bits of insight from the presentations that day.

Selling as a Service

“Selling” shouldn’t be treated as a high-pressure game with the sole objective of getting customers to say “yes.” That irritates prospects and frustrates the salesperson.

Instead, approach selling with the goal of solving a problem for the customer. Giving solutions rather than pushing for the sale will showcase your expertise and build customer confidence. So, even if you initially get a “no” from a prospect, you’ll lay a foundation of trust that can lead to a “yes” in the future.


Every business has a brand—whether or not it is intentionally created.

Realize that your brand involves more than just the logo on your truck. It is also shaped by your company values and how you treat your customers, vendors, and employees.

Our Q&A Panel

Superior Plastic Products representatives shared recent updates to the Placid Point Outdoor Lighting system. Changes include increased brightness and an easier-to-use control system.

Railing Basics

Mike Stoltzfus of Homestead Outdoor Products walked us through the manufacturing process of railing products. Also, he reminded us how critical it is to consider the application before selecting the product.

Let’s Gear Up for Next Year

We’re already looking forward to our 2021 Open House! Feel free to call Ken Burkholder at (717) 656-9596,
extension 2, with any topics you’d like us to cover next year. We welcome your ideas!

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