Three Tips to Improve Your Sales Process

For many contractors, sales is one of the least favorite aspects of running a business. But it’s an important issue because your success can depend on it. Even if most of your customers come to you through referrals, you still have parts of the sales process to deal with.

Keep the following tips in mind to help make your sales efforts successful:

  1. Ask questions.
    Listen closely to what your customer tells you rather than jumping in with your thoughts and suggestions out of the gate. Ask questions to gather as much information as possible about your prospect’s needs and expectations before you propose ideas and solutions. This will also help you write more accurate estimates of time and costs for projects.
  2. Follow up after you send your quote.
    If you haven’t heard from a customer in the time frame you expected, follow up.
    While you may be thinking the prospect will call you back, that person may be thinking the ball is in your court. By
    following up, you have an opportunity to answer questions and move the sale forward.
  3. Set expectations.
    After a customer contracts you to do the job, explain your work process, schedule (as accurately as possible), and any other details that will help set clear expectations. This will help avoid misunderstandings and ensure customer satisfaction.

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