How to Help Customers Envision Their Ideal Outdoor Living Space

As warmer weather rounds the corner, homeowners are looking forward to spending more time outdoors. But sometimes they have difficulty grasping the full potential of their backyards. Their outdoor space can be so much more than what they might realize. With the right features and amenities, an outdoor area can become an extension of your customers’ living space—a favorite “room” for enjoying family time, reading a good book, or entertaining friends.

As a trusted advisor, you can help them imagine the possibilities.

Here are some questions to consider asking homeowners to discover what they need from their outdoor space.

  1. In what seasons would you like to use your outdoor space?
  2. What times of day will you typically use your outdoor space?
  3. Do you want your outdoor space to let in or shield out direct sunlight?
  4. What types of activities will you do in your outdoor space?
  5. How many people will your outdoor space need to accommodate?
  6. Do you have (or foresee having) pets that you want to keep on your property?
  7. Would you like to increase your level of privacy?

Getting customers to answer these questions will help them realize what they want and need. And it will give you a better idea of what features (such as a screened porch, pergola, deck, arbor, fencing, outdoor kitchen, etc.) will help them live their vision.

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