Three Tips to Avoid Unwelcome Surprises When Buying Decking or Railing

According to Bill Hursh, inside sales representative at Homestead Outdoor Products, attention to detail makes the difference between a project that goes smoothly and one that hits bumps in the road. Decking and railing jobs are no exception! 

A project’s trajectory is set in motion when contractors order the decking/railing material. Here are Bill’s top-three tips for ensuring accurate orders that put all else on the right path.

1. Realize changing colors or products might affect pricing and timing.

“If you get a quote on a product in a particular style or color, but the customer changes their mind, check with us on the pricing and availability,” Bill advises. Some styles and colors might cost more or not be in stock.

2. Triple-check specifications for special orders, such as gates.   

“Triple-check measurements, color, and other specifics before placing orders for anything custom,” Bill says. And if you suspect something might change (maybe the customer is uncertain and still thinking through what they want), wait before ordering materials.

3. Look over order confirmations closely.    

“While we are extra careful not to make mistakes, look over your order confirmation from us—ideally the same day—to make sure everything matches up with what you ordered.”

Homestead Outdoor Products has an effective internal process for double-checking orders. However, it’s not foolproof when there’s room for interpretation (such as doing a takeoff from a photo or drawing) or if a contractor orders the wrong items.

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