The (Not So) Secret Formula for Sales Success in 2023

Selling comes naturally to some people. But for the rest of us . . . not so much. Regardless, it’s crucial for small businesses. Without sales efforts, the well of potential customers will quickly run dry.

Fortunately, the following tips can help you get results even if you find selling uncomfortable. 

1. Organize your contacts. 

Who have you talked with on the phone, exchanged emails with, or had a conversation with at the local diner about your services? Capture important information about them. 

  • Name and address
  • Phone number 
  • Email address
  • How did they find you?
  • What are their interests or needs?
  • Notes about your last discussion

Then save those details in some type of system. Whether you handwrite everything and keep paper documents in a file cabinet, use an Excel or Google spreadsheet, or subscribe to customer relationship management (CRM) software, organizing this information and storing it in a central location allows you to refer to it and update it later.

2. Make a plan for following up—and stick to it.   

Don’t let sales activities slip through the cracks. Sometimes it can take multiple interactions before a prospect becomes a customer, so create a plan for how frequently you want to follow up with your leads. Consider blocking out a set amount of time each week for reaching out to contacts. This way you won’t forget to follow through.

3. Document everything.  

Strive to document every conversation (whether in person, by phone, or electronically) with your prospects and existing customers. Use that information to recall interactions and assess your next steps. Even when conversations don’t go all that well, you can still gain insight—and learn valuable lessons. 

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