Product Spotlight: Evolve Stone® Mortarless Series

Photo courtesy of Evolve Stone®

Homestead Outdoor Products now carries Evolve Stone®, a high-performing, simple-to-install stone veneer with the look and feel of natural stone. Evolve Stone delivers premium quality, aesthetics, and ease of installation:

  • More impermeable to moisture than other stone veneer products on the market because it doesn’t hold moisture against the structure
  • Exceptionally durable to withstand the rigors of shipping, installation, and exposure to wind and weather
  • A beautiful, realistic stone look, with UV-resistant colors seamlessly infused throughout the product
  • Installs up to 10 times faster than other stone veneer products

Installation Advantages for Contractors

  • Requires no specialized labor training—No masonry expertise is needed.
  • Installs with standard tools—A finish nailer is all you need. 
  • No weather-related restrictions—You can install it under any conditions and temperatures.
  • No structural considerations—It installs under vinyl siding structural guidelines.

In Stock Now

We currently have Evolve Stone’s District View style in stock in two colors: Morning Aspen and Phantom Shadow. If you are interested in other Evolve Stone styles and colors, we can place a special order for you.  

Call us or visit for more information about this innovative, versatile product for exterior and interior applications.

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