Practical Tips for Installing SCREENEZE®

Attractive and very easy to install, SCREENEZE® fixed screen system lets you transform your customers’ patios and porches into outdoor living spaces they’ll love.

For the best results during installation, keep these two tips in mind:

Install with consideration of sun exposure and temperature. In hot summer months, consider the porch location and temperature when installing SCREENEZE. On hot days with lots of sunshine, the vinyl will have expanded, so you’ll want to make sure the caps have a snug fit.

In cool weather (under 60º), keep the vinyl caps warm until you’re ready to install SCREENEZE. In cold temperatures, vinyl becomes brittle and can split or crack if not stored in a heated environment before installation. The ends are particularly susceptible to breaking in cold weather, so SCREENEZE’s manufacturer recommends hand-pressing the
caps at the corners and tapping the caps close to previously expanded points.

Cut the track and cap at the same time to ensure clean miters. If you try to cut the aluminum base and vinyl cap separately, you’ll find it more difficult to get the joints right. By cutting them together, you’ll ensure they’re of equal length and avoid leaving gaps.

For detailed installation instructions and tips, visit the SCREENEZE website at And, as always, you’re welcome to call us with questions.

Bonus Tip: For pet-hardy screened-in porches that resist tears and punctures better than other screen fabrics, we carry TEXTILINE ® (formerly known as SuperScreen™). Used with SCREENEZE, this heavy-duty coated polyester screen will give customers years of use with minimal maintenance.

Photo courtesy of SCREENEZE®