Do’s & Don’ts of Caring for Composite Decks

Caring for Composit Decks While composite decks require far less maintenance than wood decking, they do need some minimal care to keep them looking their best. You can ensure a top-notch customer service experience by giving homeowners the information they need to properly care for their composite decks.

After you’ve installed composite decking, share these simple tips with your customers:

  • Regularly sweep your deck to keep grit and debris from collecting on it.
  • To clean your deck, use an all-purpose cleaner or deck cleaner that’s safe for composite materials. To ensure it won’t discolor or damage your deck, first test the cleaning compound on a small patch of your deck that’s not highly visible.
  • Do not use heavy-duty wood deck res- toration products on composite decks. They’re not made for use on synthetic materials.
  • Power wash your deck when it requires extra cleaning.
  • Avoid using a metal shovel to remove snow and ice in the winter. Instead, use a plastic shovel to avoid scratching or otherwise damaging your deck.
  • To melt ice on your deck, use calcium chloride or another ice-melt compound that’s safe on synthetic surfaces.
  • Position screens, awnings, and landscaping to prevent the reflection from low-E glass in windows and sliding doors from directly hitting a composite deck. The heat from low-E reflections can cause increased expansion and contraction of composite decks.
  • Use breathable natural fiber mats rather than rubber-backed mats on your deck. If left in place for an extended period
    of time, rubber-backed mats can cause discoloration of the deck’s surface.

    If you have any questions about these tips or other aspects of composite deck care, give us a call!