Job Site Checklist

Boost Productivity and Keep Customers Happy

A neat, well-organized job site affects customer satisfaction and how efficiently your crew can get the job done.

Here’s a checklist of to-dos to help you deliver an exceptional customer experience and streamline your work:

  • Visualize the flow of work in advance. Consider the layout of the job site and plan ahead for how you can work—and clean up—most effectively. For example, determine where you might place your saw to minimize the distance between where you’re cutting and the destination of your finished lumber stack.
  • Keep supplies in good order. Arrange your materials neatly as soon as you bring them on-site. Taking a few minutes to do that can save hours by making supplies easier to find and minimizing clean-up efforts.
  • Use a blower to remove dirt and debris. After wrapping up your work each day, use a blower to clear dust and debris from porches, yards, and sidewalks. Although the home’s exterior may still be a work in progress, it will look more like a completed job if you’ve cleaned it up as you go.
  • Set standards and expectations with your team. Strive for consistency in how your crew handles organizing and cleaning up sites. With uniformity from one job to the next, you can boost productivity and better ensure customer satisfaction.

Never underestimate the goodwill you can create with your customers by keeping their property organized and clean during and after the job. A little extra attention can go a long way toward gaining repeat business and referrals!