Price May Not Be As Important To Customers As You Think It Is

Houzz recently published its 2017 Houzz & Home Report. Within it, Houzz lists what matters most to homeowners when hiring a contractor to do work for them.
Believe it or not, price wasn’t number one on the list. In fact, it didn’t even make the top three!

So, what is most important to customers? Here’s the breakdown of how more than 100,000 U.S. participants in the survey responded:

  • 78% look for positive reviews.
  • 62% want a contractor who has experience with a project’s scope of work.
  • 52% want a contractor who communicates well and is organized.
  • 37% look for someone who has experience with their project style.

Less than one-third (30%) said price was a deciding factor—although that percentage was higher (54%) for first time home-buyers; personality (28%) and other components (9%) rounded out the criteria.

Moral of the story: Customers consider price, but it’s often secondary to other factors.