FOOD FOR THOUGHT Building a Lean Building Business

It’s no secret; businesses that find the most efficient and effective ways of doing things stand the best chance of success. By having a lean business model at the core of all that you do, you can satisfy customers while eliminating wasteful spending and increasing productivity.


Although originally created for the manufacturing industry, businesses in
every industry now employ “lean” principles to offer more value to customers while reducing the time and costs to do so.

Running a lean business is a mindset rather than a strict set of to-dos. It requires thinking of new ways to organize, grow, and operate your business.
Have you thought about what changes you might make in your business to take it to the next level?

  • What additional services or products might you add to your offerings to make your customers happier and add more profit to your bottom line?
  • Are there any products and services you should eliminate from your list of offerings so you can concentrate on those that are more in demand and more profitable?
  • If you regularly find you have too much or too little inventory in stock,
    how can you streamline your ordering to meet customers’ needs on time and improve cash flow?
  • Are there any technology tools you should explore to streamline the processing of customer quotes, orders, and invoices so you can save time and boost productivity?
  • How can you improve the flow of communication within your company and with your customers and suppliers to help build stronger working relationships?

Every business has room for improvement. Asking yourself the  right questions with lean principles in mind can help put your business on the path to achieving the profitability and customer loyalty you’re striving for.