Figuring Out the Best Fencing Fit for a Property



All properties and personal preferences are different, so not all types of fencing will work for all people. Here are three considerations to keep in mind as you help customers determine which fencing options will be the best fit.


Why does the customer want the fence? What purpose will it serve?

About 40% of the time people want a fence because of disputes or discomfort with their neighbors. For them, a six-foot privacy fence might be ideal. Other customers may want something simple to delineate a property line, and a picket fence might serve their needs just fine.

Other customers may need to enclose pools or keep their dogs in the yard.

Purpose should always be a top-priority consideration.

What style of home do they have?

11-30-2 Most customers will want fences that are of a similar style or that will otherwise
complement the look of their home. For example, you might suggest a trendy aluminum fence to enhance a property with a contemporary-looking house. For a farmhouse or colonial-style home, a white or tan traditional picket fence might be a good recommendation.

What does the future hold?

Does the customer anticipate having children or getting a larger dog in the years to come? Asking customers to think ahead about how their lives might realistically
change in relation to how they’ll use their property will help you help them arrive at the best decision.