Screen Railing for Bringing the Outdoors In–and Leaving the Bugs Outside!

nov20 When homeowners want to expand their living areas and enjoy the outdoors more, consider suggesting screen railing to them. At Homestead Outdoor Products, we offer ScreenRail (by Westbury® Aluminum Railing)—one of the most innovative, well-engineered screen railing products on the market. With options that include a structural balcony/railing system or a heavy-duty kick-panel system, ScreenRail is easy to assemble and very durable.

  • Key benefits to share with your customers include:
  • Allows fresh air in while keeping insects out
  • Offers integrated screen and railing in customizable sections to fit nearly any
  • Comes in an array of finishes to match exterior and interior preferences
  • Provides versatility—makes a wonderful option for porches, patios, pools,

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