Structural Posts and Columns You’ve Got Options!

[column-half-2]When a job calls for posts and columns for support, you have more to choose from than you might realize. Depending on the project’s needs, you can select posts according to their load ratings and the styles of their attachments.

Either vinyl or aluminum posts could make a good choice for your projects.[/column-half-2]

Here’s some additional info about each:

[column-half-1]Structural vinyl posts are hollow vinyl shells with aluminum pipe inside to

  • provide strength. These posts require very little maintenance and stay looking good
    for years. To meet a project’s style requirements, you can choose from a variety of
    vinyl column wraps to create the look your customer wants.
  • Aluminum posts are a lightweight option that come in various styles, including
    square (3.25” or 4”) or round (6’’). Typically a lower-cost alternative to other types
    of posts, aluminum posts can help you provide stability while staying within budget.

[column-half-2]They come in two forms:

  • Hollow—Aluminum posts provide exceptional strength on their own.
    Generally, they’re adequate for residential and light commercial use.
  • Structural—Aluminum posts that have an aluminum pipe inside to
    provide strength above and beyond that of a hollow aluminum post are
    an effective solution when a job calls for superior strength.


For more information about which structural posts will best fit your needs, give us a call!