Privacy Fencing

[column-third-1-2]Privacy Fence With lives that are busier than ever, more homeowners are looking to make their backyards a place where they can relax after long days at work, enjoy catching up with their families, and entertain friends—without interruption and in privacy. According to Amos Kauffman, Marketing Director at Superior Plastic Products, privacy fencing offers a way to make that happen.

A vinyl privacy fence can help homeowners by:

  • Making it easier for them to contain what they want in their backyards and keep out what they don’t want.
  • Enclosing areas customers don’t want people to see (such as spaces where they keep trash receptacles, recycle bins, etc.).
  • Enclosing a pool.
  • Providing a private space that minimizes outside distractions and interruptions.
  • Blocking an unpleasant view (like a neighbor’s uncared-for lawn) from

But not all privacy fencing is created equal. “There’s a big difference in the level of quality out there,” explains Kauffman. “It’s important to look for privacy fencing that comes with a reinforced bottom rail to prevent sagging.”

PrivacyFence for a Pool

You can expect that your customers may need you to guide them in choosing the type of privacy fencing that will serve them best. When deciding on the best option, not only will quality be top of mind, but other considerations like style, function, and amount of maintenance required will also need to be a part of the conversation.

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